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7420-7421   (Wood Garage Doors)
In Mt. Hope Ohio, Amish craftsmen hand-build some of the finest wood garage doors in the world expressly for your home.
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7400   (Wood Garage Doors)
The Wayne-Dalton 7400 models combine the classic swing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors with the convenience of standard sectional garage doors.
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7101-7105   (Wood Garage Doors)
The Wayne-Dalton 7100 models combine the classic swing-open appearance and detailing of carriage house wood doors with the convenience of standard sectional garage doors.
Model 7000-7004 Wood Garage Door
The Wayne-Dalton 7000 models display stylish yet simple trim packages on flush door surfaces. All models feature two-sided smooth door sections on a sturdy hemlock frame with an insulated core.
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9700   (Steel Garage Doors)
Wayne-Dalton Model 9700 steel garage doors are a canvas for self expression. Our maintenance-free factory finishes look great on any home, or they can be custom painted to match your home's trim.
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8850-8800 Full-view Garage Doors
Full-view garage doors are designed to complement your home's clean, modern look. They are the perfect enhancement to your home's glass expanses and patios - beautifully fusing indoor and outdoor spaces.
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9800   (Fiberglass Garage Doors)
Model 9800 has an artfully molded fiberglass surface concealing durable steel construction. The high-definition graining will astound your eye. Even up close, they'll never know it's not genuine hardwood.
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6100   (Steel Garage Doors)
Who knew that something so beautiful could be so inexpensive? Model 6100 doors are designed in a traditional style with classic charm. The steel surface and insulation core make this model a very practical option for those looking for a little something extra.
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8300 & 8500   (Steel Garage Doors)
The Model 8500 Garage Door has classic styling and the highest insulation value of the 8000 series.
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8700 Vinyl Garage Doors
The model 8700 vinyl garage door in engineered to provide a maintenance free and elegant look that will last a lifetime. It won't rust, fade, crack, or dent. It is the ultimate door for easy-care living.
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9100 Steel Garage Doors
A Wayne-Dalton Model 9100 garage door offers safety, beauty, and durability at the most affordable prices for steel doors.
8024 / 8124 / 8224 PO  

(Steel Garage Doors) (West Coast Only)
Embossed, high tensile steel panels give the look of wood with the strength of steel.
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Colonial Wood Garage Doors
105 & 110  /  106 & 116   (Wood Garage Doors)
First impressions last. A Colonial wood panel door gives your home a warm, genuine appearance that endures year after year.
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9600 Steel Garage Doors
The Model 9600 Garage Door offers the most options at affordable prices, adding style and curb appeal to your home. Chosen by homeowners for their insulating value, durability, gracious looks, and safety design.
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310 & 311  /  314-317   (Wood Garage Doors)
Accent your home with the beauty and richness of a wood door.
Models 310 & 311 (East, Midwest, South)
Classic 314-317 (West Coast)
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9400 Steel Garage Doors
Model 9400 doors offer much of the great looks and benefits of Model 9700 doors at a more economical price. A variety of design options, rugged construction, low-maintenance steel, safety features.
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8024 / 8124 PE (Steel Garage Doors)
(Miami-Dade Windload Certified)
24-gauge steel skin. Full 2"-thick door panels have box-shaped 20-gauge stiles and 16-gauge end stiles for strength and rigidity.
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8000-8200 Steel Garage Doors
Series 8000 garage doors give you all the choices. There is a perfect solution for any style, taste, climate and budget.



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